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Tormore, Sligo

Date: 13th August 2006
Submitted by: Dave Millar

Myself and Geoff Thomas decided to take a spin down to Tormore on Sunday. Its always nice to get down at least once a year just for the views and location alone. After straying into some man eating ferns we eventually made it to the Upper Tier admiring the views down to the coast and down the Glencar valley. We climbed a few routes with the drizzle just managing to stay away all day.

Care though needs to be taken at the top of the crag (Upper Tier) as there is a loose band of rock a few metres thick (both myself and Geoff managed unintentionally to pull off a few blocks) followed by some vertical grass in places....nice! The belay stakes at the top seemed mostly ok, some a bit loose and a few stakes might be handy if you were heading up. The stakes at the rappell chain seemed grand aswell. All in all a grand day, great location and with the new bypasses around Bundoran and Ballyshannon only 1.5 - 2 hrs from Derry.

Photo of Route