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Happy Valli Excursion

Date: 2nd/3rd Sept 2006
Submitted by: Bill LeClerc-Gigot

Geoff did a great new line, now called, "Don't Touch That Tree", that Valli and I had previously top roped. If it was anywhere else it would see a lot of traffic. It was gratifying that Geoff confirmed my guess at the grade: E1, 5b.

Alan got a good new Severe (Poltroons) and top roped another 5b-ish type thing. Still plenty of potential remaining including the option for some bolted routes.

The following day we had a walk through the amazing local phenomenon of "The Gleann", a sort of Sligo take on a tropical gorge, and finished off the day going
through King's Gully on Ben Bulben.

Saturday night had seen the usual jolly japes including live music fromTees and LeClerc-Gigot and an extraordinary soup barbeque. Valli provided warm and generous hospitality.

Photo of Route
Valli takes a call - Valli keeps her cool on Happy Valli Wall