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Burren MCI Meet

Date: 7th to 9th October 2006
Submitted by: George Carleton
On hearing that there was going to be an MCI meet in the Burren Gaby started canvassing to see who might be interested in going down for the weekend. She booked the house (which turned out to be really nice) then got enough people to fill it with a few sleeping on the floor.I was first to arrive, then Valli, with Gaby and Anthony following an hour or so later, three more arrived late that evening and another two the next day. Saturday morning we started climbing at Ballyryan which was a hive of activity. Valli and Sandra seconded me up a number of climbs Elvis Who?, Hippy two Yuppy and Mannerless  Monster being the best.Anthony had a bit of a fall on The Alcove Crack which has a tricky start. He didn’t let this put him off and went on to lead a number of other routes.After lunch we knocked off a few more climbs at Ailladie were we met Geoff who was also down for the weekend.After a delicious dinner cooked by Valli and a few drinks in Ballyvaughan we were all ready for a good nights sleep and were looking forward to another days climbing.Sunday morning we started climbing at Ailladie. I took a tumble on the start of Bonnan Bui which was more than a bit slippery.

In the afternoon after most people had headed for home Valli and I went back to the Ballyryan crag and did a few more climbs, the best being Slave Labour which was tricky to protect at first but gives excellent climbing.

 Neither Valli nor I had to hurry back for work and the forecast was good for Monday so we decided to stay and do a bit more climbing. I wanted to see what the climbing was like at Murroughkilly, so that’s were we went.After a steep walk in from the Black Head lighthouse the crags start about 450m to the right of a large stone fort. We found the climbing there generally good, but the rock can be a bit loose at the top of some, and a number of the climbs were hard for the grades give in the guide. By the last climb we were both worn-out (or at least I was) and would not have been able to do another climb even if I wanted to. Over the three days we did 23 routes from D to E1, but more importantly had an enjoyable weekends climbing in a fantastic location with great companions.  

Photo of Route