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Date: 4th February 2007
Submitted by: Anthony Feeney

George and I met on a chilly Sunday morning for the first Culdaff climb of
the year.

We did all the usual routes, Orange Blossom, Absent Friends V,
Bean Bob, Diversion.

Managed to lead Pea Pod myself having come a cropper on
it last year. Almost slipped again (this time it was bird shit not wet
lichen) but held on grimly and placed a slightly desperate friend in the
finishing crack that neither George, Geoff or Alan could retrieve. Pea Pod's
revenge I suppose. 2-1 to the rock.

If any one has a crow bar and gets back
to the route before me they could have a prize. I'm thinking of putting a
comment on the ethical debate site - maybe one of the bolt cutters will come
and saw it out. Can't have steadfast equipment spoiling the natural rock.
The drizzle didn't start until near dark. Perfect timing. So off we went to
the pub for a pint and chat about the Climbfest. Details to follow.

Pete Cooper turned up later in the day to follow me up Diversion, then showed me a more difficult exit from it as he led it the second time. Pete also showed me some intersting bouldering moves on the block of rock below Belfast Blitz boys. George led Master of Puppets to an admiring crowd as Margaret, Alan, Pete and I watched him move through the crux. Geoff and George finished the day on Calamity Corner and described it as "the worst route ever", slippy and with awkward moves.

Photo of Route