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Lugalla Dander

Date: 24th Feb 2007
Submitted by: Columba McLaughlin
 It was too wet and mushy to go to Dalkey, so Noel and I headed for a dander in Lugalla. We took some gear with us as well - just in case. When we got there we did some exploring and sight seeing with an old (outdated) guide. There is an abundance of potential but most of the rock seems covered in wet slippery black moss. However, we did (eventually) find or what seems to be the line for 'Pine Tree Buttress' (Severe). What looks like the line seems now to be chocked with heather. However, a much cleaner line seems to be on the left hand aréte. If nothing else, we will be back in good sunshine and we might bring a shover or some gardening tools for an entertaining day. I must get a guide book for this area.

Photo of Route