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Balmy day out at Malin Head

Date: 26/03/2007
Submitted by: Peter Cooper
After a lovely weekend's paddling (not that a physio would recommend a weekend kajaking as suitable recovery for my shoulder injury). Monday afternoon provided the bonanza of good weather....and climbing partners. Dave Millar, Alan Tees and self went to check and repeat routes in Sea Area Malin. Alan lead 2 nice routes out at the west end, including Donna and Rosie's 'Girlie Craic'.  I seconded a nice route of Al Millar's and top-roped a short thin line: to be led when the shoulder's sufficently improved. Apart from those 2 climbs I took it easy. I volunteered myself for photo-duties, just enjoying the glorious day. One shot of Dave, I am told, is to be used as the cover shot on the up-coming, up-to-date, photo-topo guide for Inishowen; to be available at the 2007 Climb Fest.

Photo of Route