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Tigth Squeeze at Dunmore Head

Date: 31/03/2007
Submitted by: George Carleton
Saturday seen a perfect March day; warm, dry and calm and to cap it off a days climbing planned for around Culdaff.I arrived early and did a bit of scrubbing on Ten CC which I later failed to lead (again).Valli soon arrived followed shortly after by Mike who took the scenic route, circumnavigating Inishowen trying to find the crag.We knocked off Orange Blossom and Peapod before Anthony with two of his lads and then Alan arrived. Mike and I did a few more routes on the middle crag while the others headed over to the left crag to climb Ivy slalom and February freeze-up.By the time Mike and me headed over to the others the number of Colmcillers had swelled, PJ and her kids had arrived, then Pete and his son, and finally Peter Cooper and Dave Miller.Alan suggested I give the Clegg a go which he practically free climbed showing me the moves.We climbed another route on the seaward facing crag, which was quite a long route for Dunmore Head. The next route also suggested by Alan was Anorexia, aptly named not a route for the wide of hip or the big of head (my head got stuck several times). I had a bit of a struggle and did a lot of flaffing but got it eventually; Valli seemed to have learned from my mistakes and did not have much of a problem fallowing me. We eventually headed back to Alan’s after squeezing as much climbing out of the day as we could to enjoy a delicious meal prepared by Margaret and discuss the various fashion implications of  the climbfest t-shirt and more or less sort out a summer meets list. All in all a great day out.   

Photo of Route