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Midges and Malaria

Date: 29th May 2004
Submitted by: Columba McLaughlin
Hi Guys, well just to fill you in and update your medical knowledge regarding the appearance of the Donegal Airforce. The midges are back and this time with a vengence and double the number of five bombers. Remember when Pete found a bug embedded in a delicate area whilst climbing in Culdaff. I winched when I heard that one. Well Colin Vose from the Liverpool Branch of the CCC got hit bad with the midges whilst climbing in the Lake District. They feasted on him after they had feasted on what ever they were feasting before. I dread to think. It was so bad that he spent a full 7 days cooped up in a Liverpool hospital. The medical staff diagnosed him as presenting with malarial symptoms. My advice, get the Jungle Juice on all over well in advance of the crag. Columba

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