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Meets list: Cruit

Date: 15/04/07
Submitted by: Peter Cooper
Travelled from Inishowen to Cruit with Sean morrison, lack of sun did not dampen our spirits: the rain did that! The turn-out was low but maybe other folks had read the weather forecast. It was a long way for only one route each it was fun a spot of craic was had at the crag and in Bonners bar on the way home. We met Anthony Feeney on the road to near Cruit, studying the road signs. We had just taken the wrong turn, again, because local youths (or Frankie) had turned the road signs in the wrong direction. At the crag we met-up with new boy on the scene Iain Miller and old boy on the scene Frankie McClusky, good to meet-up and good to catch-up. Sean and Anthony climbed Saco and Iain led me up a recent new-route which follows the arete across the chimney on Saco's right. At the bar Sean showed his 50 euro Donegal Climbing Guide, 'kindly vendered' by Letterkenny's 'Wet and Wild', Iain noted it looked just like the one he got from the MCI for approx 20 euro. At the moment the guidebook is hard to find, being of a run of 1,000 7 years ago so Sean felt he had to bite the bullet. Oh well, we'll just have to go back, with a better forecast, and bag more of the good routes Cruit has to offer.

Photo of Route