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Fairhead with a Hangover (Again)

Date: 29th April 2007
Submitted by: Anthony Feeney

George and I made a last minute decision to go to Fairhead on Sunday having
originally decided on a no-climbing weekend. It was almost 1pm by the time
we were abbing off the scary Fairhead edge and we lost more time when we
realised we'd both come down with no climbing rope!

We met Calvin Torrans and his female partner but apart from them Fairhead
was unusally quiet for such good weather. While they talked about putting up
E3s and that, George and I let the Colm Cillers down slightly by talking in
the HVS range. Anyway we went on to do The Fence VS 4c, Good Morning Judge
HVS 5a and Stone Mad HVS 5a. I was a bit shaky seconding all 3 (birthday
party and Tequila the night before) and really gave myself the heebie
jeebies on the cruxes of the HVSs. But both times I gave myself a stern
talking to, got scolded by George for even thinking of exiting left off the
Judge crux, studied the problems and eventually went for it and felt all the
better for having done it. More head games.

The sun was hot enough to require cream and George produced a bottle of
white gunk that was thick enough to cause vitamin D deficiency / rickets in
anyone who used it liberally. We bumped into Ciaran <something> on the way
home, shunting up a HVS, with the most bombproof looking anchors I've seen
in a while. A grand day out but the arms are feeling it today. Roll on the

Photo of Route