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New Inishowen Topo: rapidly being put out of date

Date: 02/05/07
Submitted by: Peter Cooper

Fellow Culdaff climber Alan Tees gave me a phone call, advising he'd been cleaning at Bunagee/Dunowen; in preparation for the 2007 Culdaff Climb Fest. I turned-up and was impressed at the section of wall he'd uncovered, I didn't think there was anything still to go at 'West Wall'! I helped clear some growth off a line or two and then we got in a nice new line, before complete darkness set-in, at approx HS. Alan then realised he'd misplaced his keys and a wee bit of time was spent searching for them, my only problem with this was that I've already used the "Alan lost his keys" excuse three times,so far, this year. Sheila's going to cotton-on, that I'm not quite normal - if your'e reading this rubbish neither are you! I try to go home stinking of Guiness but this climbing's addictive stuff. Prep for Climb Fest I expected but not a 7th new line, between us, in a fortnight. Alan's activity, at this rate, is rapidly putting the new photo-topo, for the Fest, out of date and the guidebook into the dark ages. Still if anyone's going to do it why shouldn't it be Alan?

Photo of Route