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Climbfest: Skallie's tale

Date: 5th May 2007
Submitted by: 'Skallie' Miller
My owner Iain Miller, who brought me from the Orkneys to the west coast of Donegal, said "lets go to Inishowen": I said "woof" (I didn't want to freak him with conversation, like that night he was on the whisky). We had a nice drive and a lovely day, I made lots of new friends; who threw lots of sticks and stones for me. At nightime, however, I got spooked by some big lights and loud noises in the sky. Before I knew it I'd run a long way and couldn't find Iain, I looked hard but I didn't know where to look. Luckily a couple, local to Bunagee, took me in and fed me. The man, Doug, had a Scots accent, so I felt at home: but missed my own home. On the Tuesday the kind couple had to leave me with 'the Diver's' (who were also kind), they live along the bank of the Culdaff River, because they were going-away on holiday. I didn't stay with them long because Sheila came and got me she explained that there were lost-dog posters out for me and that folks had been looking for me. Sheila took me up to her home; where I met her dogs: Tara and Jasper. I learned that Iain had had to leave without me because he had to go away to work, he and his son, Oisin (a good stick-thrower!), were very upset to go home without me. Later Sheila's man returned (from climbing and a spot of surf-kayaking) and he is called Peter Cooper, I remembered him climbing with Iain at Cruit recently. Peter was hard to forget; not many men are that good looking that even a Collie notices it!!! Sheila told me Peter has flights of fancy and he needed serious help, she also said that she would help get me home. Tara and Jasper told me I wouldn't be sharing their bones for any length of time!, they agreed with Shiela that the ruggedly handsome Peter did, indeed, need help. So having been parted from my owners since Saturday, Margaret and Oisin collected me at Bhurt, I happily made it home on Wednesday evening; all in all a tiring adventure for a wee 17yr old Collie-Lassie.

Photo of Route