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Cliff Hanger

Date: 4th/5th/6th May
Submitted by: shane

Congratulations all at Colmcille Climbers for fantastic fun filled weekend. I arrived Friday night with my both of my youngest daughters[10] in semidarkness set up tent and had camp fire going in my recycled washing machine tub{much to the amusement of fellow campers and passers by} in no time at all. Finally after beer and cappuccinos-[I had the beer], we went to bed. Then much to our collective amusement we had the pleasure of listening to even later arrivals who had obviously studied the logistics and strategy of tent erection in McGorys. After increasing the vocabulary of the twins with some new and  stirring idioms {they were greatly intrigued with the suggestion given to one particular fellow to his question were do I put these poles}we  got to sleep.


 The following morning had great fun at Dunmore Head, girls done 5 or 6 climbs each while I stood by pensively chewing my nails [special thanks to all belayers and all who supervised activities making them safe and enjoyable}. Later we took a walk along the beach to make the most of the warm weather and cold sea. I didn’t get any climbing in although my cliff-hanger was yet to come.


Once back at camp site and following orders for sweets from the shop I realised I had to drive back up the precarious little track I lazily drove down when looking for a parking space close to my tent. On reaching the brow of the little incline my stupid car {there by absolving me from any blame} decided to spin to the left thus dropping a front wheel over the edge off a rather unpleasant drop. At this stage I decided to exit the vehicle and get help from someone, any one. Fortune favours the brave and I met a man with a large 4x4. This good Samaritan introduced himself to me, but due to my heightened state of anxiety and suppressed panic I can’t recall his name but a big thank you to this kind gentle man. We decided to pull the car out backwards, were upon Martin McGiugan who happen by, suggested that this may have a detrimental effect on the balance and may push the car even more over, but to try any way. When this indeed proved to be the case, Martin with out uttering any I told you so’s

calmly stepped on the back wheel using all his weight bring it back down to earth while also rounding up a posse of helpers to cling onto the vehicle. The 4x4 was hastily moved to the front. While this was going I had been encourage to get in to the vehicle and to steer in various directions according to who ever I happen to be talking to at that moment, in the event I just sat still and prayed. But in the end the big 4x4 pulled me out no problem while it was my daughters turn to chew their nails after all they still hadn’t gotten any sweets.


Next day was spent exploring the dramatic coast line around Malin Head. All in all great weekend, made new friends, had new experiences well done Colmcille  Climbers.


PS Welcomed  toilet facilities and communal tent, but could you see your way to organise a crèche for parents who want to get tipsy and sing songs?!!!!

Photo of Route