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Skildren Mor

Date: 9th & 10th June 2007
Submitted by: Alan Tees

Marty and I finally realised our dream of a planned assault on this big stack at Malin Head.  A combination of abseil, sack haul, swim, and climb, put two of us and a mountain of gear, food, tent, booze and even logs for a fire, on top, with the kindly assistance of Columba!  Marty (In at the deep end) Mcguigan insisted we do the big corner he had top roped before.  Very intimidating indeed, dropping from the top of the stack sheer into the sea, a bit greasy and loose at the top and about HVS we think.  We top roped most of it again! Another day!  The North facing wall is superb, black, compact, solid rock, and we did 2 new routes there, Forever Young and Grey Guillermot. Before retiring to our elevated tent to cook, watch basking sharks, Peter Cooper, and even Dave Millar cruising past.  Wee fire, cider, cigars, and a fine sunset.

Sunday was also lovely, so we had a lie in, before setting up fixed ropes for the anticipated hoard of Sunday visitors.  Then we did some more routes (see guide) and were joined by Pete And Dave, who did a couple of E1s. Bill delivered water for the tea, before heading off to undent his car, and soon it was time for home, and more sack hauling, swimming (in Martys case with his clothes on) but we made McGrorys in time for last orders of food. On Monday we kayaked around Skildren Mor to take photos.

Photo of Route