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Ox Tale

Date: 16th 17th June
Submitted by: Valli

Happy Valli Crag Weekend

Alan and Margaret arrived Saturday pm. Alan and myself went over to the crag where Alan did his usual spot of cleaning. He then attempted a first ascent, but it had too be abandoned due to too much dirt still on the route.

Back at the house we had a great meal with some of my local friends. Did a bit of toe-grabing-frog-hopping and other silly stuff. Got up very early for more cleaning. Alan successfully completed his new route “Ox Stair”, VS and convinced me to lead another just cleaned route. A few feet from the top I got stuck in a mucky section (Alan admitted that he forgot to clean that part), but the thought of breakfast and coffee made me go up the last bit. Big hello from muck once I reached the top. Decided to call the route `Muck on Top´. Great to have finally done a first lead on happy valli crag.

After breakfast with Margaret and Geoff we set off to look at a new found crag ´oak tree wall´, but decided to leave climbing it for another day. Went to so far unclimbed `Crag of Dan´and again Alan did a bit of cleaning while Geoff attempted an uncleand difficult looking route. He managed fine, even the scary looking overhang, but suddendly his hands slipped on loose rock and he decided not to comlete the route. Alan climbed his extremly stretchy route in style (Blessed are the Half-Hearted VS4c). Danny, Jonathan and myself toproped a few other routes. Nice little crag!

Great weekend, even if the turnout was a bit disappointing.

Photo of Route