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SDGFY12345 and Owey

Date: 22nd-24th June
Submitted by: Alan Tees

Margaret, Sandra, Valli and I went to Owey on Friday afternoon, I paddled out, and the rest went by a Lough Swilly bus, ably managed by John McGonagle. Friday evening was spent exploring and cooking.  Bed reasonably early, due a planned early start, (and an unplanned heavy shower).   Up at 8.00, but the pre-breakfast climbing had to be deferred due to another unplanned heavy shower.   After the hoards arrived, Valli, Sandra & self went to the South side, and climbed a short “Fan shaped” stack, “Fan Dango” Diff,  followed by PJ.   I went off on tour again, (whilst the rest set about demolishing the island)., but came back in time to “Top Rope” a route about 40m South of “Fandango” up a fine, but unprotected, tower.  As it was not led, it cannot be identified by name, or graded, so it was called “Project SDGFY12345” and not graded E1 or 2.  After lunch, Valli and self went to the huge slab on the N. side of Dragon Bay, and abbed down it.  Superb situations, but protection very sparse, so it wasn’t led this time.  Obviously, we couldn’t call it “Archangel” but Project SDGFY12346, and its definitely not about Severe.  We then took the smaller kids caving, while the older ones, Sandra and PJ, followed us up this fine “project”.  It was raining when we emerged, so climbing was terminated in favour of more cooking and midsummer bonfires.   Early the next morning, Margaret & I went kayaking around the island, while the rest, climbed at the Nordkapp area, and soon, sadly, it was time for home!  Pete Cooper and Sandra took the kayaks back, which is notable for the fact that Sandra’s only previous nautical experience was in pedalos!  But she’s hooked!

Photo of Route