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Skildren Mor/Bird Sanctuary

Date: 30/06 07
Submitted by: Martin Mc Guigan

Skildren Mor/Bird Sanctuary

Skildren Mor is a sea stack off the Donegal coast with some good climbing on the North side which can not be seen from the mainland. I first went out to explore and see what the climbing was like in August 2006. It is difficult to access. Firstly a 20 metre stretch of sea which covers the rocks at high tide has to be crossed. There is no platform on the other side where a ten metre wall is to be climbed passed a Cormorant or a Shags nest .A long traverse along the face over very loose rock and a scramble takes you to the top. On my first trip I stayed on the East side and came across three nests which didn’t seem too bad.

I went out again on June 2007 and set up a few new routes on the Western end with Alan and found dozens of nests of different birds mostly Gulls, Fulmars and Black Guillemots. It is almost imposable to avoid these nests and to avoid standing on them because they are so well camouflaged . The nests are covering the ground along the decent routes to the climbs and the birds are disturbed all the time anyone is climbing on the island.

I propose that we do our bit for the environment, endangered species and all that we read and talk about today and leave Skildren Mor to the birds.

I know I was maybe the first to go out on the stack excited by the adventure and possible new routes. Having been there now I know just how fragile and important it is. I also know that I will never return.

Martin Mc Guigan

Photo of Route