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Alpine Meet - Saas Grund

Date: 6th - 17th July
Submitted by: PJ Monaghan

Myself and Sandra arrived in Saas Grund on Friday 6th July to meet up with Alan and my mum (Magaret) who had been there since the previous Tuesday.

Sandra and I started our Advanced Alpine course on the Sunday with our instructor, Owen,  who was definately a stranger to a fish supper and was keen to put us through our paces. That day we ascended at great speed the Wiwannihorn 3001m via a multi pitch climb (7 pitches) grades varying from 3b - 4c, due to an incoming weather front which arrived on our descent. On the way down Sandra and I practiced roping together on steep terrain.

As Monday was a bad weather day we travelled down to the Italian speaking part of Switzerland where the weather was better. On Tuesday we climbed Pizzo del Prevat 2330m. This was 10 pitches which ranged from 3b - 5c on an incredibly exposed arrete. Once again on our descent Sandra and I practised the art of descending safely on steep terrain.

On Wednesday we stayed in the same area and climbed Freggio which was a 700 ascent on 24 pitches ranging from 3c - 5a. This climb was very long and sustained although was made more enjoyable by the presence of the Swiss Army and an attractive Colonel.

Thursday / Friday - as the weather had improved we ascended the Allalinhorn 4027m via the Hohlaubgrat Ridge (AD) from the Brittania Hut. Sandra and I were left in charge to follow the route ourselves, only roping up with our instructor on the final rock step before the summit.

Today is a rest day and tomorrow and Monday we intend to climb firstly the Lagginhorn 4010m and the Weissmeis 4017m with my mum and Alan.

So far we have had a brilliant time and would fully recommend this meet to anyone for next year. Look out for pics in photo gallery. 


Photo of Route