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Fairhead in Glorious Sunshine

Date: 22nd July 2007
Submitted by: Anthony Feeney

Is there a better way to spend a Sunday than climbing at Fairhead in glorious sunshine? A few dozen climbers obviously though not and turned up at the Prow to make the most of the first dry Sunday in a long time. George, Pete and myself put in a spoke for the Colm Cillers but I've never seen the place so busy, it was almost a mini climb-fest!

George spent the morning cleaning Contortions (VS), while I struggled out of bed and dragged my hungover carcass to the cliffs. We finally met up and climbed this line, myself leaving behind one of George's cams and generally taking taking so long that Pete had arrived by the time I topped out. While George retrieved the cam with the help of a weighty tool, Pete and I set up on Stone Mad (HVS), a route that had given me the serious jeebies a few months ago. This time I breezed it as did George and Pete, the nights at the Ozone obviously paying off. We also sailed up Good Morning Judge (HVS), another route that panicked me before, this time led ably by George.

Rodders and Julie arrived and did Black Thief (VS) and Pete then led it with George and me following, tied to the middle and end of one rope. We did a time-check, discovered that we wouldn't get in too much trouble with the various women in our lives if we hung around for another route, then did Curlew (VS) in quick fashion. We used the "2 on one rope" method again but by the time I tiredly finished Pete was up behind me having near soloed the damn thing. The man's an orangutan in human clothing!

Photo of Route