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Date: 29/07/07
Submitted by: Alan Tees

Margaret had organised a post wedding "Clear your Head" wallk. from Glengad to Malin, but Bonny and I, wary of violent exercise, decided to take the kayaks out for a paddle from the "Wee House of Malin".  I threw in a rope and some gear, and we paddled to Stookarudden, an impressive sea stack, about half an hour east.  We landed, stowed the kayaks, and climbed about two pitches of treacherous steep wet grass to the top, in rock boots to make it interesting.  A rocky arete was chosen for descent, and the walkers, who had now arrived opposite us on the mainland, waved at us enthusiastically! We were just at a tricky bit when we realised what they were waving at.  Our canoes were floating off! Mercifully there was still one kayak and one paddle there when we got down, so Bonny sorted out they gear, while I took off in pursuit of our migrating craft.  The wind and swell had got up by this time, and was in our faces, so we opted to abandon the kayaks at the base of the mainland cliffs, and beat a retreat.  Peter Cooper and I retreived them on Monday.

Quote of the day was from Dave who was watching the unfolding drama from the cliff top, "I must say, Alan, you really know how to put on a show!"

Photo of Route