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St Kilda

Date: 11th - 17th Sept. 07
Submitted by: Alan Tees
St Kilda is a spectacularly precipitous island 50 miles West of the Main Hebrides.  We didnt go there, me n'maggs, (but we did go to the Hedrides).  Camped in Oban, and then took bikes on the 5 hour Callymac sailing to Barra.  We cycled for 4 or 5 days visiting the islands of Vatersay, Barra, Eriskay, South Uist, Benbecula, and N.Uist, stayed in hostels & B & B.  Got a thorough soaking and a sore bum, but had a great time.  St Kilda is a mis translation of the norse word for shield, Skilder.  Someone apparantly put a full stop after the s, which was then assumed a abbrievation of "Saint". Isnt that interesting in the context of Malin Head?

Photo of Route