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Weekend in North Wales

Date: 27th Sept. 2007
Submitted by: Dave Millar

Myself and Mr Chesnutt took a spin across to North Wales for the weekend. After a quick jaunt across on the Stena HSS we decided to head for the car-park at the south stack at Gogarth with a full moon out for nice effect.

The next day (Friday) after admiring the various vans in the car-park we decided to go for Dream of White Horses. After an atmospheric abseil we started up the route with Ian leading the final traverse pitch (which was a tad damp), both of us in stitches at the madness of it.

Llanberis was on the agenda the next day, so we drove across and ended up doing Kaiserbridge Wall, a fine HVS 5b followed by Spectre, a 4 pitch HVS on the Grochan, both great routes. Saturday evenin was spent next to the Cromlech boulders with the evenins entertainment watchin a pair of climbers come down from the Cromlech in the pitch black with their head torches....whilst sipping a few bottles of Carlsberg. Half way through Saturday evenin (whilst sleepin in the back of Ian's van) the van rocked and it sounded like someone was tryin to pinch the bikes on the back. I jumped up, woke Ian with both of us pysked to take on some dude from Llanberis (Ian where's the hexes!!) to watch a sheep amble across the road (after scratchin itself on the wheels of the bike on the back of the van!).

Sunday both of us were feeling a bit knackered and headed for the slate with Ian enjoying Mental Lentils in Vivian followed by a quick spin up to the Rainbow Area to do Bella Lagosi is Dead. German Schoolgirl which PC raved about looked a fine route but feeling tired both myself and Ian opted for a feed in the bryn Tyrch in Capel Cuirig. On Monday we took a spin down to Coed-Y-brenin due to rain and did some biking with both myself and Ian and taking a few hilarious sketchy tumbles and feeling absolutely wrecked at the end of it. All in all fine weekend and hope to get across again soon.

Photo of Route