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Date: 10th-13th July 2004
Submitted by: Alan Tees
Well attended wash-out on Sunday, but at least a goodly party climbed the Sturrall including new members Eileen & Sandra, who had travelled all the way from Galway. Martin & Mark McG traversed the summit ridge, a spectacular and exposed trip. Some climbing done on Saturday including Paradise in a Picture House & Kuwaiti Shakey. Persistent drizzle on Sunday forced a retreat to the drier climes of Magheroarty, where the LeClerc-Gigots and Ryans had already set up camp. On Monday the canoists won a no contest race to Inis Bo Finne. Weather was glorious ,scenery even better, and a bit of climbing was done to boot at Illanamarve (see new climbs section)

Photo of Route