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MCI October Weekend at Ballyliffin.

Date: 14/10/07
Submitted by: Alan Tees

There was a good turnout of club members at the Ballyliffin hotel on Saturday morning, including Anthony, Geoff, Sandra, Valli, PJ, George, PC, Peter McConnell and self, with the intention of taking our visitors out to Skildren Mor. As soon as we arrived, it was apparent that crossing was not an option, so we set about climbing a variety of lines on the main slabs, and were joined by Angela Carlin and Sarah Whatmough. Dawson, Robbie, Vince, Tim and the rest of the MCI party went to explore further East, abbing down below the prow, and climbing 3 new routes. I managed “Sweet Rock-All” and “Dogger”, while Angela and Sarah did “Centipede Slabs” PC & Geoff did a new route (eventually), Peter and PJ shot up South Utsire” and George was just starting up Viking 7.10 when I had to go.

A great day, but perhaps a pity that club members did not have the opportunity to climb with more of the visitors.

Raja’s presentation after dinner was excellent, and the party went on into the small hours.

Anyone interested in going to the Garwal Himalaya to attempt unclimbed 5000 m peaks in May next, should contact me. I have an itinerary and maps. It will cost in the region of £2000 for a month, inc flights, hotels, porters, food etc, and first refusal will go to CCC members, and the remaining places to MCI. People interested so far are self, Maggs, Valli, Finbar, & Keith. There are also trekking options for those not climbing.

Photo of Route