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Fairhead Car Park Opening

Date: 20th October 2007
Submitted by: George Carleton

On Saturday the 20th October Dave, Mike and I attended the opening of the car park at the Prow side of Fairhead.

There was a good crowd of climbers present to show there appreciation of all the hard work Sean, (the farmer who owns the land) has put in, not to mention drink tea and scoff the spread which he had laid on.

After eating our fill the three of us headed off to Marconi’s Cove.

To start off I led North Ship HVS 5b, a really good line which is quite technical at the top.Then Dave led Caribou HVS 5a, another great line. After which I led Drimadoon HVS 5a.

By this stage Dave was warmed up and decided to lead The Wrestler E1 5c. It turned out to be aptly named being a bit of a wrestling match to get to the top. The guide describes it as being a nice little test piece in jamming which is another way of saying be prepared to lose the skin on the back of your hands. It is a great climb though; the gear is good where you need it which Dave can testify. It offers interesting and sustained climbing all the way.

The light was beginning to fade when we left the crag for Ballycastle where a pizza, a pint and the Dalriada slide show beckoned.

Photo of Route