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Mad Dogs and Eglishmen.

Date: Saturday 24th Nov.
Submitted by: Alan Tees
8.30 I hauled myself out of bed for the first CCC "Wet & Dirty" of the winter season, having had a total of 4 hours sleep, and raced to Kernans to meet Commodore Cooper.  A mug of tay and a bacon butty absorbed some of the Shiraz, and I was going to live, possibly.  We were late at Barnesmore Gap but not as late as Georse, and not half as late as Anthony (who was up to similar shennanigans as myself).  We met Lee, Valli, and Peter McConnell and went up Groaghconnellagh, in search of McDaids buttress, and whatever, and found whatever.  It could not have been anticipitated how much chaos a small group such as ours could have generated on an open hillside in clear visibility, but we all got down safely anyway.  We then  headed for Eglish, touring the various crags, taking photos and dodging showers. We were  joined by Dave, who had travelled from Dublin, and, as the light faded, we retired to Biddys to a warm fire, to drink Guinness and  eat the Commodore's crisps.  The rest headed to the Monaghan "do" (predictably in Fermanagh, while Anthony may have gone to Tyrone), while me and the Commodore headed home.

Photo of Route