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Lough Barra

Date: 18/07/2004
Submitted by: Alan Tees
Biil & Alan went to the Bingorms to check out routes on the unpopular Bingorm East. After recent heavy rain, it was sopping!! We identified Toraigh, but no other routes were obvious. The amount of vetetation would mean slow drying,so we went to Bingorm Central. Slightly drier, but just as vegetated. We identified the least vege area as the rib between 2 gullies, and did a very pleasent VS4b in the area of "Oblivion" (Oblivious to Oblivion) See new climbs. We then started "White Slab" which looked slightly better than its neighbours, but turned back due to the fact that it was hard to find any rock to climb. I think these routes should be omitted from any future guide, but perhaps noted for historical interest.

Photo of Route