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Exploration in North Inishowen

Date: 25th July 2004
Submitted by: Pete Smith
Saturday's climbing was abandoned due to very heavy showers (which disappeared as soon as the decision was made), so I took my rock boots with me on Sunday's family picnic.

We went to Five Finger Strand first and I climbed the steep slopes under the Knockamany Bends to examine the crags overlooking the beach. They are of a similar, but chossier, construction to Crummie's Bay i.e. useless for climbing.

Next we travelled to Malin Head and I was amazed by the amount of rock in the locality and the solid look of the cliffs right at the Head. The ravine between the island and the mainland (Ireland's northmost tip - look on the map for a fine ravine) is extremely steep-sided and very narrow. The sea crashes in and out furiously and the climbing looks hard. Apart from that there is a lot of potential here for routes and bouldering on solid rock.

Amazing! And no one ever told me (apart from Peter Cooper, and let's face it, he's easily pleased). I took some pics and will post them soon.

Photo of Route