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Malin Exploration 2

Date: 1990s
Submitted by: Columba McLaughlin
Hi Guys, following up from Pete's comments on the Malin Head Pennisula (Bamba's Crown). Yes there is alot of Rock in this area. The Ravine that Pete talks about and much of the Rock along the walkway (westwards from the head) has been explored in the days of Baldy Headed climbers, clay pipes, long run outs and Tweeds were Tres Bón as climbing gear. Their exploits have been extolled in old literature pertaining to the Inishowen Pennisula. These older climbers were long gone before some of our brave leaders were even thought of. Try walking off westwards along the path towards the ravine called 'Hell's Hole' - strictly for the E-men. However, I never got a chance to properly view the sea cliffs that provide the gateway to Hell's Hole. There is a good mixture of both extreme and easier climbs available along the small Malin Pennisula. There are a few small sea crags / small islands surrounded by cliffs that appear to lend themselves towards cragging and scrambling. If my memory serves me correcly, a ladder would be useful to get onto these islands. However, I have only tested a few such areas in the distant past whilst scrambling. I found the rock quite good but did not do any serious exploration. Overall, I would agree with Pete, the Malin Head (Bamba's Crown) Pennisula is a place worthy of exploration and certainly it is very full of potential. Regards, Columba

Photo of Route