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Pete Smith Breaks Climbing Fast

Date: 27th July 2004
Submitted by: Pete Smith
Like a Muslim ending Ramadan or Jesus returning from the wilderness, after 45 days without climbing, I got to the crag and up a few routes without being sent home by rain.

Michael McGinty and I turned up at Dunmore Head at about 6pm on a still and muggy night - no rain but perfect weather for midges. When we'd been there about an hour, and completed Orange Blossom HS and Absent Friends VD, Peter Cooper and Brian Wingham turned up. Peter persuaded Brian to go round to the forbiddingly high WinAGoldfish Crags, where they did 5 routes in 10 minutes.

Michael and I carried on to Diversion HS, before I achieved an on-sight flash of Oxo in October Sev - quite an accomplishment in my shape. Next we moved to Grecian Gift VS before Peter and Brian arrived back to do Wallrock Alterations E1 with a lot of sound effects.

That was about it....I'm not so keen to mention my backing off from Absent Friends V so that Mikey could climb it...Ooops.

Photo of Route