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A Climbing Weekend

Date: 31st July/1st August 2004
Submitted by: Pete Smith
Having promised a weekend of work (and bread and water), I managed to fool the sun into coming out. Before it changed its mind, I hot footed my way to Malin Head and let Peter Cooper guide me around the possibilities.

Then on Sunday, I joined Bill, Alan, Andy Pandy and Ian Nuttall for an early start at Crockanaffrin. I've never been very complimentary about this crag, but had to eat my words after leading Great Corner VS 4b, which is a very good route of good length. In my humbe opinion, this would be considered a good route at many other crags. Bill and Alan did Springbok on a top-rope and were equally impressed. Maybe there's more to Crockanaffrin than I previously suspected.

Photo of Route