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A weekend's climbing in November?

Date: 15 & 16th Nov 08
Submitted by: Peter Cooper

Saturday. The rain held off and George, Niall ('giblets') and self got on the rock. For George and Niall it was their 1st trip to the newly developed 'Alt na Inneoir', Culdaff, where George got 3rd ascent of a fairly new HVS - 'The Ocean Doesn't Want Me' and put up his own new route (details to be submitted shortly).

It was then back over to the 'Brasil Rock' area for a quick spot of top-roping, to keep warm; a final mad dash to 'Dunmore Head' for a quick spot of bouldering before the light ran out (we had no coins for the meter). The day was not over though, we had an invite from Alan Tees and Finbar to watch Ireland play The All Blacks; the game was called rugby I recall. It was an irresistable offer, that and a couple of very enjoyable pints in the fine establishment that is McGuiness' bar Culdaff.

Sunday. Alan and myself headed out to 'Malin Head' to check out a few map references and approaches for climbs in that area. From the top of the highest point in that area I looked down and spotted an object down on the rocks, which turned out to be a fox very casually taking a kip; it was odd because you couldn't image what it was doing in such a barren area. Alan actually managed to take its photo before it meandered off to sleep elsewhere. We then turned our attention to the big slab/wall ('Stelfox Slab') where Dawson Stelfox and party got a few routes during October 07's MCI meet in Inishowen: we're still waiting for the route descriptions, Dawson? We climbed one of the routes they must have done a 45M crackline at about Severe, which was a fine adventure, possibly called 'Dawson's Diedre'(?). It's a very atmospheric spot as the sea was up and crashing of the waves certainly adds an edge for the belayer at least.

20 Nov 2008

Two days in a row in November? What an achievement. I'll link the fox photo to this report just for interest.

Photo of Route
Dossing Stealth Fox - Himself, relaxing on the rocks at Malin Head, on Sunday last 16/11/08.