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Date: 28/12/08
Submitted by: Iain Miller

With nearly a week of blue skies and soaring temperatures in the far west it would have been rude not to seek Vertical Pleasure.

 And so to An Port!

Joining the fray was noble brother Des O'connor, (of, mid life crissis nudity during a Vertical Picnic, fame) our cunning plan was the unclimbed 30 meter quartz tower which sits between the high and low water lines, in Glenlough Bay.

An early start was the order of the day as a 2 and a half hour walk/scramble is the nearest approach route to the beast.

11 am and we stood beneath the ominous looking tower. HMMM, the Seaward face (Massive cave at base, BIG waves and mucho fear) NO, the North Face (for many, many reasons) NO, the Landward Face (suicide) and therefore NO. So, by default, the south face was a goer!

The first pitch took a rising traverse across the south face on superb rock and increasing exposure to a large ledge at the southern end of the seaward face.

The second pitch took a rising traverse across the seaward face, again on superb rock and considerable atmosphere. Alas the upper half of the seaward face is gearless and AHEM, in need of a clean! I'll spare you the details, suffice to say "It was very, very emotional, indeed." A fall from the last 10 or so meters would have been messy!   

As we straddled the summit ridge, savouring the folly of our activities it became painfully obvious that the only way to exit, was a free abseil down the North Face into the mildy tetchy sea.

And with heavy heart we descend. 

And so, abseil, mid-air, big wave, brief swim, beach and freezing cold was the natural order of events. HURRA!

Note to self. December, Donegal and swimming in the sea............NO! :-)

30 Dec 2008

That looks a pretty scarey undertaking. The summit doesn't appear to be roomy either. I trust you'll be sending on a topo pic for the site?

02 Jan 2009
Alan Tees

Sea Stacking in December! Fair Play!

Photo of Route