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Dalkey Quarry

Date: 21st Feb 2009
Submitted by: Columba McLaughlin

 Well after a few pints in a cosy Ranalagh (Dublin) pub, Noel said that the sun might be shining in Dalkey. That immediately set the talk on climbing. After a few more pints, we discussed smearing and crimping on Winder's Slab and Noel suggested that with this practice we could Top Rope the 'Ghost E2'. Well that was the plan, it may be optimistic. After a good few pints such plans seem to make perfect sense.

 Awoke late next day with real hangover. Made it to Dalkey at 1pm . There were climbers on all of the popular climbs and worse, Winder's Slab was totally wet with no chance of any smearing practice. Plan B was called upon before daylight faded. So we offski to the Majhong Wall. In the little time we had left we climbed some very sobering and more realistic climbs. Gardener's Joy, Levitation and then Majhong were the order and none disappointed. A wee dander over the top and we found a club getting abseil practice on Yorkshire Pudding. Not the worry, there was room for Neol and me so cwe limbed it as well and then headed home for a pint and a steak. A short but very enjoyable day.


Photo of Route