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Once More unto The Breach

Date: 28/02/09
Submitted by: Iain Miller

As I stood looking out the kitchen window at 8am on Saturday morning, I was supposed to meet Noble Brother Martin Bonner at Tor na Dumhche alas the rain was lashing down.

And in the words of Derek Trotter, "He who dares, Rodders, he who dares!" I drove through the rain!

A half hour later and upon meeting up with the aforementioned Mr Bonner, we were standing in glorious sunshine, "Best go cane the beast, then!" was our unanimous cry and to Tor Na Dumhche we walked.

Upon arrival at our launch site to the stack it was desided not to use the services of Bonner Air, we went WAY down market and traveled by boat. Thankfully Neptune was in a much better mood and we both arrived on the stack dry and smiling, as opposed to soaking wet and grinning (insanely)!

In a burst of enthusiasm Martin led the superb jamming crack between the previous weeks routes, querying as he ventured ever skyward,"wish I'd taken the Hexes" and thus "Heavenly Hexes" was born! "Climb When Ready" he shouted from the summit, through the biggest smile I have ever seen! HURRA!

And so we ventured back down to the same stance, this time we followed a sealevel traverse following horizontal cracks and a series of jugs. An excellent and very atmospheric pitch, at times only a few inches above Neptunes wrath! This led to a superb stance at the bottom of the arete marking the seaward end of the face, and up the arete we romped! HURRA! This route is defo best savoured with monster rollers ramping through the channel, unforgettable!

A quick romp up "Easy Exit" chimney and it was time for more nautical shenanigans to return us to the mainland! HURRA!

A half hour after arriving back at the cars the rain lashed down once again! :-)

If there was ever a doubt as to "Is it worth a look?" It most certainly was! :-)   


Photo of Route