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Climbfest 09

Date: 2nd 3rd May
Submitted by: Alan Tees
This shouldnt be here but as no one seems to have looked at the Forum.....  Cotsolds are not sponsoring Tee shirts the rats.  What about microfleeces for ourselves, and take orders at the event.  Also I am keen to go down to Malinbeg and sort out some topos, anyone free weekend 28th -30 th March?

18 Mar 2009
Iain Miller

Alan, I'm away 28/30th, but suggest if Neptune allows you take your Lidl dingy and get crag shot from as far out as you dare. Even at low tide Chris and I found it difficult to get good pics.

19 Mar 2009
Anthony Feeney

I'm free and will gladly accompany you.

19 Mar 2009
Alan Tees

Thanks Anthony, weather is a big factor, as I have been there three times over the winter, and, like Iain, couldnt get much sorted, due to swells. Another plan for the climbfest, what about embroidered rugby jersies to celebrate the grand slam (sorry Pete)I have a blueprint on order which should be really cool! Will take orders if it is as good as I think.

25 Mar 2009
Peter Cooper

Hey we could all wear rugby jerseys and Ron Hill track suit bottoms and look really cool. Dave Millar looks cool in the above look, especially with a stick on moustache. Valli looks super in leiderhosen, she and Dave can wrestle for the fake moustache. I think I'll stick with my tweed jacket and breeches, must keep up standards of decorum, but worn with flat cap or deerstalker.......hmmm? I must apologise I don't know if I'm being ironic or sacarstic.

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