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Happy Easter Bunnies

Date: Easter Bank Holiday Weeke
Submitted by: Peter Cooper

How lucky am I, after no trips-away in ages they come like buses. Geoff Thomas and myself managed to meet up in N.Wales for Easter adventures.

I made it good enough time to coffee in the Pen y Grwyd Hotel, because I was in a pressed shirt, not sweaty and wasn't in fleece they kindly offered to charge it to my room. I came clean, rather than make up a room number - they probably have suites, and they still let me into the hotel guests bar to view the Everest Memorabilia. For those who haven't heard of the place this is where the successful Everest expedition were based for their training.

Geoff ran a bit late and my excuse of hanging around a different bar saying I was waiting for friends stated to look a little fanciful, having picked conversations with several other Billy-no-Mates. A quick pint with Geoff and then off to the Ex-Aba's Club hut.

The following day Geoff prompted me up several classic lines at Tremadog, I wanted to do routes neither of us had done but if Geoff was happy to re-do them there must be something to em. 'Stapiombo' was followed by 'Scratch Arete', which was followed by the finale of 'Merlin Direct'. These were the 'full-on' Tremadog experience, leaving me dry mouthed and happily wrecked; especially after what had felt like so long out of climbing.

Sunday was The Slate, back to 'Dali's Hole' for warming up routes and a spot of sun-bathing. We nipped round and got 'Looning the Tube', its been on my little hit list for a long time. We even took up a lad from Birmingham (Dan ?) as 3rd on the rope, who we'd followed up 'Merlin Direct' at Tremadog the previous day; after he'd exhausted his climbing partner's energies. Back to the pub where we met Geoff's friends Dave and Gill, before heading back to the Ex-Aba's Club love Shack for food and kip.

The following day was Clogwyn y Tarw up the Ogwen Valley where we did one climb in the sun and then 2 outright classics and managed to get a new route - very short but very sweet. Dave Williams has submitted this to the Climbers Club, it was interesting to see the only other new route was done 3 years ago and that was a VS.

Great weather, company, beer and fantastic climbing. " can I have more, please?"

Photo of Route