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Fairhead or Bust

Date: 10th May 2009
Submitted by: Iain Miller

YO, YO, YO, Fairhead Masseeve in the house Y all!

 Noble Brothers Dave Millar & Ian Chestnut camping at An Port & seeking a 1 to 1 with the mighty Neptune. WORD, Y all.

 Alas The mighty Neptune was in NO MOOD for the unwary and cunning plans 1,2 and 7, fizzled as a wall of white water violence surrounded them.

 OH woe is me, What 2 do, What 2 do?

 HURRA & WOO HOO in no particular order, Glenlough Bay held the key to the current ongoing crisis.

  Bit of a walk in, bit of a scramble down to sea level and a bit of a sea passage, saw Noble Brother Chestnut and myself on the base of the land ward face of the beast. Noble Brother Millar was our avid snapper today as "the man was chillin." Y all! Word, respect, Mo Fo!

 Anyways. I digressd into Gangsta slang, Y all, Brother chestnut romped the first 35 mtr pitch of classic stack shenanigans, followed by muggins wobbling up a short pitch of good rock to the summit.

 A swift abseil of the face and we were now faced with the "the journey home."

 Neptune was in the building, Y all, OH Fack!!

 Monster swells on both side of the stack, NOW THEN, ladies & Gentlemen of the jury, what happened next defies what is considered to be the frayed ends of sanity.

 As I entered the mighty vessel a monster wave took us into the realms of certain death as the haul bag was acting as a superb sea anchor in the face of extreme noise terror. A moment of OH, FACK, and I was now 20 mtrs landward of Noble Brother Chestnut, (still on the stack) Whilst I was in a moment of clarity facing Ian, either side of him MONSTER white water violence reigned supreme. And I do mean Facking MONSTER WHITE WATER VIOLENCE! :-)

 "Fackin Swim" I hinted/roared and splash we were reunited in a limpid pool of calm whilst all round us Neptune tried to claim our souls.

 An emotional journey was had as the Brothers Ian/Iain arrived of the beach. A tad bedraggled, we shook hands as "Men Do" I personnal wanted to cry(& did but not in front of others, you understand), whilst Brother Chestnut had a moment of "me time" as he sorted the toys!

 Could I just point out that Noble Bother Dave Millar, in true press fashion continued to snap pictures and cackle like the wicked witch of the North as we faced our inner demons!

 Yes, we Fackin heard you, my Son! :-) 

 Men, Dave Miller and especialy Noble brother Ian Chestnut Yer Both Fackin Stars, an Excellent day at the hands of the mighty Neptune.

 An adventure is a journey in which the outcome is uncertain!     


11 May 2009

Character-building stuff. I hope Dave sends his photos on for everyone to enjoy.

11 May 2009
Dave Millar

Twas truly a quality day out, a very impressive lead by Ian and Iain and watchin the journey back from the stack was something else. Roll on the second ascent!

Photo of Route