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Colmcillers Forced to Buzz Off

Date: 11th & 12th Sept.2004
Submitted by: Alan Tees
Andy, Jeff Alan, Sandra and Eileen represented the club at the Irish Rock meet at Glendalough. Sat. started dry but... Anyway we managed one route, "Deirdre 4c" & Andy liked it so much he did it twice, and the second time in a deludge (in aid of a maiden in distress it must be said). Eileen & Sandra climbed the 3 star Expectancy. Food and something else was provided by Moira and the MCI. And a fine evenings craic was had by all, so much so that the prez. volunteered you all to host the next one at Inishowen in May. Also some debate on bolting. Sunday saw the party in Dalkey climbing a number of routes including Street Fighter, The Shield, Paradise Lost, Levitation, Stereo Tentacles, Yorkshire Pudding and others until routed by a plague of killer wasps, or stung into inaction! Sunday

Photo of Route