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Errigal North North East Ridge

Date: 6th and 7th May 2009
Submitted by: Columba

 Well Colin Vose landed and he wanted a taste of Culdaff and a wee run up Errigal's NNE Ridge. Brilliant says I. Off we went in the rain - fools that we were. Got soakened but managed 'Bluebell' and SRS Slab and Absent Frends. Felt more like E10 in the wet than V.Diff. Ah well the hot shower, Curry and Beer after more than made up for it. I dont know why we smiled but we did.

 On Thursday we offski to Errigal's NNE Ridge - the best way uyp it and magic scrambling. Yep - never mind yer E stuff - give me a good exposed Scramble on one of Ireland's best hills any day.

26 May 2009
Pete Smith

Your photo certainly gives a good impression of what it's like up there. I could even be tempted mesell.

08 Jun 2009

Where is the start for the NNE Ridge? Wouldn't mind giving that a go some day.

09 Jun 2009

Starts at NNE side at the bottom!

10 Jun 2009

Nobody likes a smart arse, Kermit McNally.

Photo of Route