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Bonington;s Nut, and other matters

Date: 3/06/09
Submitted by: Alan Tees

Iain forsook his stacks for a crack at the Bonington/Eastcourt "Obituary Column" at the Poisoned Glen, with me on Wednesday.  Conditions were perfect, but we were less so, and retreated with our egos as battered as the small nut I extracted from a crack in a corner, not far up the route.  Were it possible to ab down this route and give it a clean, it would be hard, but excellent.

On thurs I met with the National Trust at Carrick a rede to look at the Quarry there.  We will get permission I think to ab down and look at it, but I'm not sure well find enough to justify the effort to clean it.  We also looked at Dunseverick.  The NT were unaware that anyone was climbing there, but think it might be ok if the proper approaches are made.  It is a part of an area of special interest/conservation.  (Dave, did you ever pass that topo to Al to look at?)

Photo of Route