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Dunmore Head Shenagians

Date: 6th June 2009
Submitted by: Columba McLaughlin

Alan got roped into taking the Muff Scouts out for a day's climbing and abseiling. Well he managed to rope Columba, Peter Tees and Marty (Ex Pres.) McGuigan into helping out. Great says we all. Well we landed (Peter and me were latish - but we made it) and Alan and Marty were in full swing with the kids. So we all got into the act and soon had three ropes going and the morning passed blisfully in the beuatiful sunshine. Inbetween times, it was great to solo easy pleasant climbs such as SRS Slab and Bluebell.

 Dinner break and 1st load of Scouts offski to Paint Balling. So Alan led up Cheating Bitch with son Peter following. Meanwhile Marty led Orange Blossom and I followed. It doesn't get any easier with age but still a brill climb. Peter then led up Diversion with dad following and I led up Absent Friends. Wouldn;t ye know I left a sling behind so I stuck a bit of psychology gear into a slim crack. I told Marty to mind his language when he was removing it. Frankie would have been livid. Ah but the rock was dry and great to be on. Marty dutifully followed and didn't mention the psychological gear placement - sound man. I'll remember me sling the next time.

 Nothing would do Marty but he had to lead Grecian Gift. So away he went like a terrier with a bone. I followed and boy it deserves it VS grading. Meanwhile, the bold Alan shot up Peepod and Peter had no problem following. Margaret landed with the tea and soon the 2nd bunch of Scouts landed and away we went again.

 Well Marty kept talking about Shiny Cossacks. I only ever looked up it - but it seemed out of my league. Eventually, I agreed that I would second him. A saft touch some might say. I ntold Alan of the plan and he said he wanted a go too. We were not long dispatching the Scouts, had a chat with the leader and soloed about to warm up. Marty led Shiny Cossaks and my hat goes of to him. Alan and I also made it up. Kind you the initial mantleshelf is onto the narrowest ledge ever. Good job there is a smaller narrower ledge just above it. Also, i had a bit of scuttering on some lichen just below the small overhang and just left of Diversion. Wow what a climb. Thanks for the invite Alan - great company and a great day in Culdaff.

Photo of Route