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A weekend in a wee boat.

Date: 27th & 28th June 09
Submitted by: Iain Miller

 And Sho, with Neptune on his long overdue summer holidays it would have been rude not to tamper with his wave sculptured creations.

 Noblest Brother Martin Boner, Noble Sister Caoimhe Gleeson, Oisin and Myself landed on Owey. The object of our desires was "The Lady of Torglass" a virgin pinnacle to the West of Torglass Island.

 Leaving Oisin in a make shift basecamp of rucksacks, redbull and an 8 man group shelter, we set sail across the mill pond to the base of "The Lady." Alas she was in no mood for fools as she ceremoniously spanked our attempts to scale her lofty ramparts. Note to self; no more pies! 

 And sho, we set sail due West to arrive on a huge tidal ledge at the base of the seaward face of Fracture Stack. We climbed an excellent new route up it's seaward wall to arrive on a sunbaked summit. A swift re-position of Brother Tees's ab tat from the previous week and we were back at the Mighty Vessel. Whilst Martin & Myself elected to remain dry, Sister Gleeson swan the 300 or so metres to shore.

 Back at base camp our nautical heros wandered Owey in varying states of undress whilst Oisin & I paddled far afield in search of hidden treasure.

 Owey in tropical sunshine is truly a magical place! You know it makes sense!!

 And Sho, the following day Oisin and I found ourselves at the Mighty An Port roadend and as we looked West we were faced with a sheet of Nautical glass. HURRA!

 We had two objects of our desires, the first being a wee exploration of the Monster cave not far from the masses at the road end car park arguing about parking spaces! :-( The 2nd being "Chubby" the deflowering of a stack quite a distance from the shore.

 And Sho, we shet shail around the headland and into the cave, Exshellent Mish Moneypenny, a 100mtr underground passage led us to a superb wee beach! Pictures taken, high 5's done and with a general sense of "This is Fackin awesome," we set sail once more. Father & son in perfect harmony and not a PSIII in sight! :-)

 We paddled through the collection of stacks just off the roadend, making a detour through the arch under "Twin Arch Stack" to arrive on Chubby. Rigged a belay for the mighty vessel & Oisin at the base of Chubby and a tad of vertical shenanigans as performed up the North & South Ridges of this stack. The North ridge being superb whilst the South ridge was awful! The choice is yours! :-) 

 And Sho, we paddled back the 500 or so metres to the roadend slip, Muggins (of course) paddling into the Eastery head wind whilst Oisin lounged in first class moaning about general sea conditions.

 Another truly excellent weekend!

 Did we go climbing? Don't realy remember the climbing bit's as the general situations we found ourselves in greatly outweighed the Vertical Pleasure!

 But only just!! :-)  

Photo of Route