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Deicide? or perhaps the act of being?

Date: 30/06/09
Submitted by: Iain Miller

 And Sho, once more unto the Realms of the Shenses, we go!

 Looking North from the main climbing area in Skelpoonagh, it is difficult not to notice a true Leviathan, sitting in waiting, to remove the soul's of the unwary! A monster guarded from both North & South by 200+ mtr cliff's for many KM's in both directions. A much more accessible "Satan" was the thought of the day.

 And so, Noblest Brother Martin Boner And Myself set sail, single paddled/wee dingied from the excellent wee bay at Skelpoonagh, a "brisk" offshore wind took us 500 or so Mtrs, to the point of no return. A tad of coastaleering and we were back in the mighty vessel paddling Northward below 200m cliff's and alas, totally commited to the task at hand. It was at this juncture, whilst kneeling in a wee boat paddling below the awesome cliff's looming above us, it all came together, there is a God, and she creates these fuckers out of a warped sense of humour?

 I turned to brother Boner to confirm my spiritual revelation.

 "Yes, I am having fun!" was the elated retort to the non question.

 And so we landed on the southern end of the stack, after a 1.5km, totaly mind blowing sea passage. This stack is, simply put, a finely positioned monster, totaly unescapable and fully open to both Neptunes and your god's wrath! A great way to expel your inner demons is to face the scamps, full on and in the open whilst surrounded by the full extent of natures beauty. 

Exshellent Mish MoneyPenny, and sho, we began the ascent!

 Our route took the easiest line up the southern face of the beast, done in 4 pitch's. The actual climbing was never difficult, (VS for you climbing purists. :-)) but our location warrented, perhaps a tad of due care and attention? :-) (The rock was excellent and there are several more possibilities for new lines) A very convenient hanging roof provided the ab point and so we were reunited with the mighty vessel.

 The return journey was perhaps a tad "Out There," we paddled through the pouring rain and offshore wind, making several "coastaleering" stop/starts, Drama, karma, dharma....Dharma, it is the nature of the beast to question it's existence, and thus be truly fucking alive.

 Our arrival back at Skelpoonagh, big hugs with Brother Boner, another truly excellent day in the company of the ever watchful reaper!



Photo of Route