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Date: JUNE 09
Submitted by: Keith Monaghan

   The eyes have it!!


Mr sec has recently had a wee op to improve his eyesight, which must have been a bit of a shock to him when confronted with a mirror, but this has also resulted in his recent remarks about my finely shaped frame and suggestions that I  be used as a counterweight as he abbed over a concrete wall in the Mournes!!

Being highly offended, I decided to finely tune my physic, so as not to be left too far behind on the forthcoming Alpine trip and came up with a cunning plan.  I marched into the boss’s office at work and informed him that a Derry waan was intending to attach me to one end of a rope so he could get down a big concrete wall. He stated that he had worked in Derry for a number of years and all waans were trained for a very early age to scale all types of walls (usually back yard walls belonging to the elderly and infirm) without any rope, one handed, carrying a swag bag. He asked if I was going mad and promptly dispatched me off to a convalescent home which just happened to be in the hills in Scotland.

Having protested for the appropriate 3 seconds I packed my boots and rucksack and spent the next 8 days mountain biking and dandering around 16 more of Sir Hugh Munros finest near Braemar in bright sunshine with nae midgies! Sandra and the kids came over and we did a bit of white water rafting which was great crac.

I am now fully prepared for the slagging from the big waan and intent to walk them lanky white legs off him on tour.

  Fat boys do go first!!


03 Jul 2009

Jesus I can only manage 8 in one sitting, but you had to have 16 helpings ya greedy Gorb!

Photo of Route