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Happy Bunnies.

Date: 08/08/09
Submitted by: Iain Miller

 And Sho, once more to Arainn Mhor we go!

 Rutland Massieeve, in the house Y All.

 Power Boat 1, Captain Mike Crowe, First Mate Laird Dinsmore and climbing posse, James Crowe, Jock Read, Dave Millar and 225 horses.

 Power Boat 2, Captain Paul Bathgate, myself and 155 horses.

 With a combined torque of nigh-on 400 horses we set forth from Burton Port, skimming the waves in these low flying planes, we headed out to sea and turned due South around Torneady point into Neptunes lair.

 The object of our desires was the last of Donegals unclimbed monster stacks. At 120(ish) metres this beast sits in the centre of the "Giants Reek" ampitheatre of huge sea cliffs, meaning it has major access issues!

 After a tad of Nautical shenanigans Dave and Jock were deposited at the base of the landward face, whilst James and myself at the base of the Seaward face and after a few circuits of the stack our nobles steeds departed the scene.

 The landward face is actually a well defined ridge rising from sea level to the summit. The ridge was climbed in 5 pitches of alternating immaculate rock and deep grot grovelling, the vertical mud and heather section of pitch 3 being a moment of focus and mild concern. :-) All too quickly it was over as James took us to the summit, we then basked in the glorious sunshine and awaited the arrival of the troops up the land ward face.

 A short while later Noble Brothers Dave & Jock appeared, sporting what can only be described as a MONSTER smiles. And after a prolonged high energy climbing related rant from all summit attendees, as we were indeed "Av'in It Large!" Innit!! It was decided that we had best make our descent.

 And Sho, 4 inane grins abseiled down the seaward face to our awaiting Steed. Neptune was in attendance but thankfully was no match for captain Crowe and his 200+ horses as, 1 by 1, the 4 happy campers leaped off the stack and into the surging boat

 A quick U turn and we were back into our low flying plane.

 And what days climbing is complete without a wee swalley, and so a quick stop off on Rutland Island for the Apres-climb. HURRA!

 Gentlemen, be you climbers, captains/first mates or Neptune himself a star performance from ALL!

 Did we have fun or What?     

10 Aug 2009

Fantastic day out. Still smiling back at the grind stone on Monday morning Cant thank our ferry men enough for enabling and introducing me to the joys of 225 horses ;) Dave - I've stuck a route description up so feel free to edit if I've the rose tinted specs on already Any ideas as to how best to get the stench of chick vomit out of your hood?

10 Aug 2009

Sir you are a legend. Much respect. Hope our paths cross some time bu it won't be of one of those see stacks :)

Photo of Route