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Date: July 09
Submitted by: Iain Miller

And Sho to Toraigh.

Having been out to Tory the previous weekend and been blasted around it's circumference in a hasty wee RiB, it was time to return to assault the leviathans that sit off it's North coast.

In attendance were the usual suspects in the form of Noble Brothers (& Sister) Chuck, Caiomhe, Martin and Junior Donegal FC Declan & Oisin.

Alas we had opted to go the weekend of the Tory festival and thus the masses were also in attendance, and so a jam packed Ferry left for the fabled island of Tory.

Upon arrival and having been welcomed by the King, we hastly erected the Marquee and set off towards our goal. Oisin and Declan headed off in the opposite direction, football in hand to take on all comers.

We split into two pairs, each with our own mighty vessel and we each climbed different 50m stack. Caiomhe and myself then ascended the ab rope to return to the cliff top and reunite Donegal FC, whilst Brothers Boner & Chuck crossed the channel and put up another route on our stack. 

And thus, this was Saturday, and alas the festival spirit took firm hold from here on, as it all got a bit Hazy. Chuck returning to the Marquee at 4am claiming to have spent an evening in the company of twin nurses a la "Carry On" stylee?? I vaguely recall a chat with Frankie Maclusky but I could easily be mistaken?


Sunday, heavy showers came and went as the brisk Northerly winds blew. Neptune was in Tory, Y all. We abbbed the 50mtr to the sea level platform to face the V stack. Chuck & myself paddled the violent wee channel to gain the stack. Caiomhe staying at sea level on the mainland as photographer and for the next hour or three, as Neptune battered our surrounding the twin summits were climbed. An atmospheric return crossing was made and we prussiked the ab rope to Terra Firma. HURRA!

And so an excellent weekend was had by all. Three stacks and 4 summits climbed and a MONSTER amount of lager and Boursin cheese was consumed! 

It all depend who you ask but apparently Donegal FC spanked Tory FC? Though I'm told Tory FC have a different result! :-)   

14 Aug 2009
Pete Smith

I want to hear more about the nurses please.

Photo of Route