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Gobbins - Who Was There?

Date: 16th August 2009
Submitted by: Pete Smith

Oh dear. Were any Colmcillers involved in this escapade?

BBC news report

It's a good job we don't get charged for rescues - the club would have gone bankrupt in a big way over the last few years. Mind you, it could have been anyone.

17 Aug 2009

Got loads of texts and emails about this - Just to confirm this wasn't me or as far as I can tell anyone I know. We were meant to head there to see the ships on Sunday but opted for the hang over stay in bed option instead ;) Thats a long stretch of cliffs that should not be underestimated - Hope the group is Ok

17 Aug 2009

That's good. If it wasn't you, and it wasn't Iain then it's not likely to have been anyone else from our lot. I hope. Anyway, you boys would have completed it.

03 Sep 2009

Apparently a dosing stealth fox may have been involved??

04 Sep 2009
Iain Miller

Good Heavens Keith! :-) Are you sure? A shpicy rumour indeed! :-)

08 Sep 2009

Spoke to him the other night. He said he was around it in a hired boat to look at the potential for a Via Ferrata (he has written to Larne DC about it) didnt mention any rescue!

Photo of Route