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Date: 29 AUGUST 09
Submitted by: KEITH MONAGHAN


                Despite a terrible forecast a group of foolhardy CCCs turned up at Magheragallon Pier on Sat 29th August for some bank holiday fun on Gola.  Neptune however wasn’t in holiday mood so a quick about turn and the mob headed for Cruit instead.

After putting up a few the tents and parking all the cars downwind to avoid a Vango kite session the team headed for the nearby crag and assents of Aquamarine, Best Possible Taste, Saco, Toms Dinner  Raising Sands etc,  but high swell prevented access to numerous others. Valli and team headed across the bay for a few more routes and eventually ended up in the golf club while Ant lead an expedition to find Cruit cave and the climbs there.  After much head scratching and questioning directions in guidebook, we abandoned any further attempts to locate said cavern and headed for a local tavern instead to watch a bit of footie. Things didn’t go well there as Man U stole the points.

Upon return to the campsite the evening meal was prepared, demolished and a cheeseboard was enjoyed, washed down with a nice chardonnay which came in a plastic bag. Classy!

We then adjourned to a bonfire on the beach and descended into the usual back slapping and deep meaningful planning of daring deeds.  By this time is was thankfully dark and the tide had started to return.

Mr Sec had mysteriously disappeared for a short while. Just as I was refilling my wine tankard a monster appeared in front of the fire.  This thing was tattooed, almost naked, a deathly colour of pasty white, had more hair on its back than its head, and wobbled quite a bit. With a high pitched wail it began to gyrate around the fire, with the graceful footwork and elegant deportment, reminisant of John Sergeant on LSD.

 However “ballroom” is not a description linked to this monster as the tightly worn florescent green Mankini   left little to the imagination. It then began to converse with the crowd who had by this time sent the kids screaming to the cars with instructions to lock the doors and remain there unto daylight. A request for the “turnip” dance seemed to please the monster who duly obliged before running off into the darkness howling in a strange twang and daring others to follow.

 I immediately checked plastic wine bag for alcohol content and then questioned chef as to what type of mushrooms she had cooked with dinner. However she was able to confirm that I wasn’t seeing things and thankfully someone had recorded this on video. We played it back and Mr Sec returned very annoyed that he had missed the fun.

Things didn’t stop there as a few hardy CCCers dared each other to wade out to the small out outcrop in the bay. Having gained the said outcrop obviously covered in barnacles.  Mr. Sec thought it would be fun to slide back into the water on this barely covered rear and now sports a beautiful stripy posterior.  Sore sore!!! 

Next day the rain arrived at 12 midday as forecast and we all headed for home.

Not much climbing but you must check You Tube and search for “Feeney Mankini”.     



Photo of Route