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Dunowen - a Saturday in June 2009

Date: June 2009
Submitted by: Columba Mclaughlin

Well since no one else reported it I suppose I better do so. I called to the Tees abode in Culdaff on the pretex of returning Via Ferrata gear that I borrowed from Alan in July 2008. After a few beers and lemonade for the kids, the talk (as usually does) got around to climbing. Alan had arranged to help the Muff Scouts do some climbing at the home crag at Dunowen the following morning. A nice offer was made to help out and why not.

 Landed at the crag to find Alan and Martin McGuigan all set up and in full swing. Peter Tees arrived at the same time and away we went with the kids. At break time Alan and Pter teamed off and tackled 'Cheating Bitch' and Diversion. Martin Led 'Orange Blossom' and I followed. I led 'Absent Friends' and put in one piece of suspect Psychological protection. Nothing would do the bauld Martin but he wanted to lead 'Grecian Gift' a brilliant 'VS' but one I never led meslf. It was great and well led. A now fully charged Martin decided that as a finale, he wanted to lead 'Shiny Cossacks' a brill HVS climb on the wall.  I said OK but that I'd belay him but would not guarantee that I would 2nd him. Meanwhile the 2nd batch of scouts came for their climbing and abseiling session. Fun was had and when they went, I told Alan of Martin's plan. Peter had to go and so we were 3. Well Martin made a brill lead of 'Shiny Cossacks'. Alan went 2nd. For a HVS, I found the start - a mantle shelf onto a 3 inch shelf and a welcome 2 inch above it - one hell of an experience. While the wall is well protected, moving across it was compromised with some Litchen present. On making the connection just to the left of 'Diversion', a steep wall on good jugs leads upwards.

 Fair play to Martin for a brill lead and balls of steel. In my opinion, a brill climb. 

15 Sep 2009

Columba, old age must be getting to you - you wrote a report for this trip on the 6th June!

18 Sep 2009

oops - it must have been the leprachauns that made me do it again.

Photo of Route